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See what love God has for us...

We are blessed with many expressions of worship at FPC-Holt and amazed by God’s providence — meeting each of us at our point of need, filling each of us with joy and peace and wonderment at how richly blessed we are as the Body of Christ.


Traditional Service at 9:30am 

Our traditional service features traditional hymns as played on the organ and piano. The pastors wear traditional clergy robes and stoles and worshippers typically remain seated.

Upstream Contemporary Service at 11:30ish 

The Upstream service features songs played on guitars with drum and vocalists. The pastors dress a little more casually, and worshippers have an opportunity to move around and take part in the multi-sensory worship experience


Weekly Sermons Available 

Sermon Library may be accessed here.


Special Services

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Memorial Services

Our Gifts for God’s Glory

“All the arts come from God and are to be respected as divine inventions”
― John Calvin



Chancel Choir


Ringers of the Kirk


Upstream Band

Liturgical Art



Because all that there is and all that we are belongs first to God, stewardship is everything we do after we say, “I believe!”


If you would like to begin practicing stewardship with regular giving, please let us know and we will give you designated giving envelopes and provide quarterly statements of your contributions. If you would like to make your contributions by electronic transfer between your bank and the church, please click here and our Treasurer will contact you with the paperwork.
If you would like to make a donation via PayPal, please click the icon

Faith for Generations

Faith for Generations is our Capital Campaign fund that thecongregation embraced in 2015. With $411k in total pledges and $200k in endowment funds, this campaign set its goals on:

● Accessibility – platform lift to lower level and improved   technology for the hearing impaired 

● Christian Education spaces in the lower level 

● Fellowship Hall – sound & lighting upgrade, updated décor 

● Kitchen Renovation 

● Outdoor Storage 

● Worship – sanctuary lighting and narthex makeover

If you would like to make a contribution to our Faith for  Generations campaign, please use a “generic” envelope in the pews and make a notation on the memo line of your check

Legacy Ministry


We know we have at least begun to understand the meaning of human life when we plant shade trees under which we know we will never sit… 

  • What is the Legacy Ministry?  Under the direction of the Witness Committee of the Session, The Legacy Ministry is charged with raising awareness of the opportunity afforded us to leave a legacy of Christian witness for generations to follow through the use of a will.
  • What is an Endowment Fund?  An endowment fund is an income-generating fund in which all contributions, once made, are restricted from being distributed. Instead, these contributions are invested and any interest they earn is then distributed according to pre-determined fund guidelines. 
  • What are our guidelines for endowment interest distribution?  If a donor’s gift is unrestricted, the interest is:

• used to make inflationary adjustments to the principal so it maintains its earning power in perpetuity

• utilized to cover any budgetary shortfall that may have occurred that year  

• contributed to a nominal distribution for the ongoing work of the Legacy Ministry 

• divided equally between the church's capital and mission funds

  • Is there a minimum amount required in order for my gift to be included in the endowment fund?  No.  Like all ministries of our church, this is a community effort in which we pool our resources to the glory of God, whether “great” or “small, but still great.” 
  • What is the Legacy Society?  Made up of individuals who have elected to include FPC-Holt in their estate planning, the purpose of the Legacy Society is to provide a forum in which our congregation can express appreciation to these donors during their lifetime.
  • Why should I include the endowment fund in my will?  To contribute to the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ. An endowed gift can be a living monument that continually pours new life into Christ’s church, even after one's death.